Understanding Accountancy

Understanding Accountancy

Size and location
How much do you earn as an accountant in SMEs or in the group?

With the bookkeeper’s salary, an East-West pay gap is still clearly noticeable, so that the location of the company can influence the salary. Due to this trend, many companies have formed in the urban centers in the western and southern regions.

Therefore, the job and salary opportunities are comparatively highest here. In addition to the location, the size of the company is also decisive. Above all the task area depends on it and becomes more differentiated with increasing size. While an accountant is still an all-rounder in a small business and is responsible for posting all business transactions and also for preparing balance sheets and financial statements, this changes with the size of the company and the department. In general, it should be noted that the salary increases with the size of the company.

work experience
The experience of an accountant is another indicator of salary and increases over the years. Thus, with ten years of professional experience, you will already receive one third more salary than when you started your career. In addition, two to three years of experience make it possible to continue training as a certified accountant IHK. This also lays the foundation for further internal promotions right up to the head of accounting.

Further education
In life you have never really learned – and this is especially true for your own professional life, because humanity is never really quiet. Again and again, certain job profiles change and gain a new job, for which they need a special qualification.

Of course, such developments must also be passed on and disseminated. In order for your (future) employer to really see black and white, for example, that you can master a certain process, you can choose from a selection of certificates. With the right certificates you can not only highlight yourself as a worker, but also increase your salary significantly at the next salary negotiation.

Special features – salary accountant
The profession of the book also has its peculiarities to the person, because this should bring a high affinity for dealing with numbers. To care for them properly and carefully is part of everyday business and requires a thorough working process. This is the only way to ensure that you can provide an overview of the company’s business transactions and use them as a basis for making financial decisions.

The effects of digitization have become particularly noticeable in the accounting profession, as many works have been partially replaced by the use of system software and accounting programs and spreadsheets. This has meant that the area of ​​responsibility has also been expanded, because various work processes have been optimized through the use of the latest technologies. Today it is a question of maintaining the programs thoroughly and of supporting the controlling and accounting. Although significantly fewer accountants are hired as a result of digital advances, the scope of duties has become more diverse and continues to be a sought after profession as every company needs accounting.